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Hi, I'm Jessie,

A life and business growth expert, author, speaker and former 300+mph professional race car driver.  

My gift is helping women build insane confidence, master their marketing & monetize their passion online.  As a self made seasoned entrepreneur, my passion runs deep for helping ambitious women unlock their full potential & finally create the life & income they desire.
I believe that we are better together than we are apart.  I believe that our dreams are one decision away from becoming reality. I believe it's my duty to help you break through the noise and start living your happy, healthy, wealthy and whole life for you, your babies, your partner, the world... starting NOW!

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Inspiring stories and intentional advice to help you empower your thoughts and actions to unlock the best version of yourself and create more meaning, money, freedom and growth in your life and business.

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I'm obsessed with helping you make a living doing what you love without it taking over your life. You'll find here lots of helpful stories, resources, hacks, strategies and more for you as a woman, mom and entrepreneur. I'm glad you're here!

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"You've sacrificed too much to let your dream die."

- Jessie Harris Bouton

This is a place of motivation, inspiration and innovative marketing strategies to increase your income and impact in the world with your personal brand. 

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