Hi, I'm Jessie,

A high-performance coach, author, speaker and former 300+mph professional race car driver.  

My gift is helping women build insane confidence, master their marketing & monetize their passion online.  As a self made seasoned entrepreneur, my passion runs deep for helping ambitious women unlock their full potential & finally create the life & income they desire.
After my family, green juice & traveling, I’m obsessed with helping you gain more confidence, clarity and CASHFLOW!

R.U.S.H. Hour Podcast

Inspiring stories and intentional advice to help you empower your thoughts and actions to unlock the best version of yourself and create more meaning, money, freedom and growth in your life and business.

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Nail Your Niche

Most coaches are broke because they try to help everyone. That won't work. You need a niche to go from confused, burnt out and not making sales to having raving fans and monetizing your gift.  Click here to 'Nail Your Niche" and make some cash.

Network Marketing Made Easy

Watch my FREE webinar where I transform your mindset and strategy to stop sending spammy cold invites and teach you how to rise above the crowd & grow a presence based on YOUR truth and build a brand where people come to you.


Confidence Queen

You know it's your passion and purpose to build your business but you just don't know how to move past your insecurities to confidently share your message like the Boss Queen Expert that you are.  Let me help you turn your passion into profits.

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The place where female entrepreneurs connect, build and grow in life and business. It's the one stop shop for visionaries to turn their passions into profits as they start and scale their businesses connecting you with the current resources, systems and mentors needed to flourish.

"You've sacrificed too much to let your dream die."

- Jessie Harris Bouton

This is a place of motivation, inspiration and innovative marketing strategies to increase your income and impact in the world with your personal brand. 

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