Hi, I'm Jessie,

I’m so glad you’re here!

As a wife and mom of 4 (6 if you include our pups), 5x seasoned entrepreneur, certified life and business growth expert, author, speaker and former 300mph professional race car driver, I understand the struggles women experience trying to stand out.

Your heart is to see your authentic self emerge in a saturated market place AND you desire/need to make a big, profitable impact, while doing less. 

I help purpose driven women like YOU ditch the overwhelm and share your gift with the world creating a legacy you can be proud of.

With my simple and effective success strategies, you’ll break through your challenges, operate at your highest potential and create a self-sustaining business WITHOUT sacrificing your family or compromising quality.

Can I get an AMEN?!?

I’m also super passionate about becoming the best version of myself daily, elevating my health, motherhood, and marriage.

So if you crave more meaning, money, freedom, and growth in your life and business, stick around... we'll do it together!


A little backstory... Because I like to know the dirt too and not just the highlight reel.  

Before all that (above), I was an overworked, overwhelmed dreamer who did not have a smooth ride into online entrepreneurship. I was plagued by a chronic case of shiny object syndrome and battling self doubt that made everything 1,000,000X harder than it should have been. And when I finally started getting some traction in my business, I realized I was building a business that didn’t serve me and my aspirations. I couldn't keep up with all the things those ahead of me in the biz were doing and I was passing up special time with my family to work more. And worst of all, I was burning myself out building other people's dreams more than mine. So I took one final shot but this time, I did it MY WAY!

I discovered that I could in fact build my own dream business on my terms while still helping others achieve theirs...

But it would be with a "less is more" approach that maximized value and impact and relied heavily on automation and optimization so that I would never have to miss out on quality present time with my family again.
I doubled down on this approach and rapidly grew my following and email list from a small non-engaged few to a large and loyal tribe. 

I will teach you a step by step intentional action plan that will give you the confidence to build an amazing brand and profitable marketing systems without the crazy tech drama and crippling overwhelm.   

I call it DIY Entrepreneurship but BETTER because I teach what I know... a simple, affordable and effective way to start or scale your business on your terms. 

And the secret sauce to this method is by focusing first on WHY you do what you do, WHO you serve and WHO you need to be to serve them best.  When we do that, the HOW is easy.  THIS method is the missing piece to so many women's business dreams. But you're in luck because THIS is my jam, sister!

Are you ready to take the REAL, momentum-building action steps to build a profitable business online that you love?

Of course, you are... you were born to do this... that's why you're here. But it's not just about doing the work... It's about doing the RIGHT work at the RIGHT time. And feeling confident that your efforts will pay off 100X over.

I'm here to show you HOW and it's awesome when we do it together! 


A Little About Me


Authored a book all about intentionally standing in YOUR power to take conscious control of your life and live more in tune with your dreams. (MORE HERE)

Named by Zonta Women's International as a Top Female Influencer.

Hold the title of winningest race car driver in Jet Dragster history.

Depression & anxiety are old friends of mine but I don't let them hold me back from living my dreams. 

As a mom - I can't wait to get away for a little bit of 'me-time' but as soon as I do, I can't wait to get back to my crazy crew. 

I'm a personal development junkie just trying to change my life for the better every day. 


The 'Women of Impact Network'

Better known as the W.I.N. Circle, the 'Women of Impact Network' is a high-performance group coaching network that will help you ditch the overwhelm and put you on the fast track to creating more meaning, money, freedom and growth in your life with your business (without breaking the bank).

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