The all access pass teaching you the step-by-step guide to making passive income (daily) with your own online coaching program in part-time hours!


Hi, I'm Jessie Harris Bouton

...  the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Maker!

From one motivated mama to another, I'm going to show you how to transform your life and business from overwhelming, exhausting and inconsistent to... simple, predictable and infinitely scalable...

... by selling just ONE signature coaching program on auto-pilot... (For real)...

... so you never feel like you have to choose between your life and business again.

You CAN be the epic wife, mom and business owner you dream of being all at the same time without sacrificing yourself (or your family) or compromising client quality!

I'm about to give you all the dirty details on what's in the Accelerator but first, I want you to know this...

The strategies I share inside the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Online Coach Accelerator come from many years of trial and error (or I should say crash and burn) I experienced trying to grow my business impact and income on my terms as a busy mom of 5...

... which is why when you join the MMA (that's short for the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Accelerator), you're entering into a unique mastermind experience where I am going to give you an all-access pass into the exact business model (called the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ CODE) I used to grow a 7-figure business in as little as 10 hours a week.



  • to raise your prices and charge your worth
  • that your program will deliver epic results for your clients
  • that you'll know how to position yourself as a leader in your industry and attract top quality new leads to you daily
  • that you have a fool-proof system that works FOR you to enroll 1-3 (or more) new clients each week creating consistent and predictable revenue while working less than part-time hours

And that's just the business side of things, on the life side of things:

  • you'll be able to spend more quality time with family and friends without being glued to your phone or like you're letting your clients down
  • you'll be able to show yourself some love and have more "me-time" to refill your cup
  • you'll have the capacity to strategically plan how to continue growing your impact and income without growing your to-do list
  • you'll now have the time to pursue other ambitions like writing that book you've been dreaming of or start that foundation that's close to your heart

Ok, so now let's look at what's inside the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Online Coach Accelerator... 


The Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Online Coach Accelerator is NOT about overloading your brain with a bunch of new things to learn and implement... 

It actually weeds out all the things you don't need and just shifts your focus and effort into doing only what you must to start getting results that match your efforts and start stacking wins sustainably. 

And not just any wins but extraordinary wins....

Phase 1

Create and launch your signature group coaching program

Learn exactly how to create a high ticket signature program that you're confident will get results

Learn how to make your program stand out online above all the others that are similar

Learn how to confidently price your program so that it's profitable and people happily pay to work with you

Learn how to deliver your program in a way that transforms your clients lives but doesn't take up all your time

Learn how to kickstart cashflow and pre-sell your program before it's even fully created

Phase 2 

Create and launch your automated marketing and sales funnel

Learn how to set up and launch your 3-step automated "cold to sold" marketing and sales freedom funnel

Learn the strategy and tech automation you need to sell your program without sales calls while you're out living your life or even asleep

Learn how to position yourself as an expert and enroll $2k+ clients daily passively working as little as 5 hours per week

Learn how to systemize the back end of your program so that you don't have to hire a ton of employees as you scale

Phase 3 

Skyrocket your reach, impact and revenue

Learn how to confidently show up as a leader in your industry day in and out to bring your business baby (and life) to the next level

Learn how to be courageous and let go of the fear of being seen, judged, or misinterpreted as you step into your new life as a Millionaire Mompreneur™️

Learn how to increase your visibility and fill your funnel with top quality leads for more enrollments each week

Learn how to increase your profits and add in additional complimentary income stream opportunities (This gem right here is how we're launching the MMP into the multi-millions working no extra hours)


It’s about taking small daily actions and stacking wins to trigger extraordinary results.

It's your one-stop shop.... 




The Accelerator Includes:

1 - Millionaire Mompreneur CODE Course (lifetime access)

I turned my exact business model into a step-by-step roadmap for you to follow to stand out and bring in 1-3 new high-ticket clients each week to your group coaching program passively (meaning without sales calls).  It even comes with a 30 day (or less) launch plan to go from big idea to big income. 

1 - Millionaire Mompreneur™️ CODE Course (lifetime access)

I turned my exact business model into a step-by-step roadmap for you to follow to stand out and bring in 1-3 new high-ticket clients each week to your group coaching program passively (meaning without sales calls).  It even comes with a 30 day (or less) launch plan to go from big idea to big income. 

2 - Private FB Group

Where you can celebrate your wins, connect, network and collaborate with like-minded coaches who are on the same journey as you of becoming the one the results they desire require. Plus get guidance, support and/or your biggest questions answered by Jessie to keep you on track to smashing your goals.

3 - Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Calls

For that extra kick in the butt you might need to show up and make your move. Get your questions answered, be coached through roadblocks and connect with Jessie LIVE for rapid growth and rapid results.  You'll also benefit greatly from your fellow MMA sisters questions, experiences, and insights into how they're implementing the MMP business model to their business.

4 - Guest Expert Trainings

I invite industry-leading experts to share with you game-changing strategies to amplify your Millionaire Mompreneur Business Model. (Sessions include legal, productivity, health optimization, audience growth, lead generation, automation, and more.)


... you'll walk away with a life-changing ready-to-teach program AND You’ll walk away with an infinitely profitable and scalable automated marketing and sales funnel that works FOR you while you're out living life.

 Let’s craft your high ticket program and automated funnel together inside the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Accelerator!

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  • Immediate Access into the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ CODE
  • Private FB Group Support
  • Monthly Q&A Support
  • Guest Expert Trainings
  • Lifetime Access (to all above)
  • Savings of $884
  • 'Show Up Blow Up' social media course bonus (value $497)
  • 30 Day Accountability Coaching (value $997)



  • Immediate Access into the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ CODE
  • Private FB Group Support
  • Monthly Q&A Support
  • Guest Expert Trainings
  • Lifetime Access (to all above)
  • Savings of $884
  • 'Show Up Blow Up' social media course bonus (value $497)
  • 30 Day Accountability Coaching (value $1,997)

I sincerely hope you enroll in the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Accelerator now...

... and join me and an awesome community (which is more like a sisterhood) of high-achieving women.

This is a group coaching program with a 1:1 feel.  I want to get to know you and meet you where you're at so you can have the best experience and results with this program.

You see, I want all my clients to get extreme value from the strategies I share. And that’s only possible for coaches who:

  • are ready to achieve epic results by taking consistent, daily action
  • are prepared to put real skin in the game when it comes to their success
  • have the right attitude and mindset to make the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Accelerator business model work for them

Not everyone is the right fit for this program. But if you’re ready to step into your new role as CEO of a thriving multi-6 or 7-figure business, then I want to help you achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of.

Don’t sit around hoping, wishing, and praying for success on your terms to find you, ENROLL TODAY!

I can’t wait to show you the simplest way to grow your impact and income but not your to-do list every single month, without launching or living on social media.



And that the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Accelerator is the right way to grow your business as a busy mom - by selling ONE high ticket signature group coaching program...and by harnessing ONE simple automated funnel that works FOR you to scale your impact and income infinitely in part-time hours.

You also know that you will have everything at your disposal to ditch the exhausting ups and downs of launching. And that this program will transform your business into a hands-off client attraction and sales machine that runs like clockwork - even if you’re soaking up some sunshine with your babies on a random Tuesday afternoon or the poop of life hits the fan and you end up battling an aggressive cancer journey with your husband like I did...

That is actually how the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Accelerator business model was born...

It was 2020 - we welcomed baby #5, the pandemic hit, and my husband was diagnosed with 3 different cancers all within 6 months and they were preparing us to say goodbye just two days before Christmas.

That's some poop!!!

No amount of money was worth it to me to give up any time with my family and I almost closed down my coaching biz.

And thanks to the business model I teach you inside the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Accelerator, I didn't have to. 

I break this story down even further inside the CODE course and the framework on how you can turn your trials into triumph because if you haven't caught on yet, the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Accelerator is not just a business growth program but a life growth program as well. (wink-wink) 

Nothing feels better than building your dream business around your dream life.

And don't have to wait till you're ready to burn your business to the ground because it's just not in alignment with how you really want to do life and biz.

Your big impact and income dreams are possible, you just need the right person to show you the right way to do it as a motivated mama who wants success without sacrifice.


I'm the right person.

Now is the right time.

And the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Accelerator business model is the right way.

And so, I urge you: Do NOT let this opportunity pass you by. The clock is ticking on your business.

Let me help you build the business you always wanted - so you have the time and energy to enjoy your life, while earning life-changing money every single month.

Simply click the button below and apply to join the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ Accelerator!



✔ You're ready to stop blocking yourself from your God-given calling and step into Millionaire Mompreneur status on your terms

✔ You want to build a brand that stands out online and delivers life-changing transformations to hundreds of clients in as little as 5 hours per week

✔ You want to unlock limitless impact and income potential with one high ticket group coaching program

✔ You want to create sustainable and scalable revenue every single month without burning yourself out with 1:1 coaching or crazy program launches

✔ You can't stand the thought of getting on 10+ sales calls per week and feeling so icky afterwards. 

✔ You have the vision to take your online business to 1M in revenue and you want to do it without burnout and with as much profit as possible.

✔ You know you need more than just a DIY course, you need support and you’re ready to learn from someone who has gone before you.



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